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Did you know:
  • While the online learning market is over 2 decades old, it's seen a 400% increase in growth in the last year!
  • By 2025, the global market will reach $325 billion USD.
  • 60% of internet users NOW prefer learning online.
  • Video web activity accounts for more than 80% of activity online globally, most of which is online learning.
  • Every year, new learning technology makes it easier and more fun to share your wisdom! 
The annual earning potential for content-experts
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I'm delighted you are here!  īLA is a newly emerging global community of like-minded transformational consultants, coaches and thought-leaders eager to develop and share their waves of insight about how to better our world.

The idea of this online academy came to me last fall. I was walking down the street and had this flash, transformational insight. You know, that prescient moment when you are overtaken with a wave of understanding about where and how you can make a unique difference and contribute your talents? Something that will better your life, your community, your organization or causes? I knew then and there, I needed to listen and get to work building īLA.
As the world continues to awaken and explore the power of virtual learning and the need for programs that touch people's hearts and improves their lives (two long held passions of mine), I rise knowing our world needs YOUR INSIGHTS too!

To ILA, I bring 25 years of professional experience consulting to top leaders around the world across all industries designing virtual programs that support their evolutionary leadership and training needs.  
I am so very keen to see what we can do together and more importantly to help you tap your wisdom and share your brilliance! 

Margaret H. Kelsey, Ed.M.

Founder & Managing Partner

Our mission is our invitation to help you share your brilliance, supporting our collective evolution!

Some ways we can work together...

Our mission is our invitation to help you share your brilliance, supporting our collective evolution!

Some ways we can work together...

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Are you an edupreneur at heart? That is someone who wants to share quality content that helps others evolve? 
  • Are you scratching your head wondering how to develop your solutions and bring them to market?  
  • Running into some unexpected challenges or opportunities you don't know how to address or seize?
  • Have feedback from clients that you want and need to integrate, but unsure how best to do so?
  • Would you like to brainstorm an idea with an expert who can save you time (and therefore money) before you go down the rabbit hole of design and development? 
  • Trying to decide what new platform to adopt or migrate to reach and serve your audiences better with less technical hassle than what you're facing now? 
  • Need a quick shot of support or advice?  
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Are you a content-expert but cringe at the thought of having to learn new technology to extend your programs online? Or, do you get overwhelmed knowing how to organize everything in this new medium?

Join our 12 week accelerator program to get your transformational academy up and running with your first mini-course and flagship program.  You'll receive expert guidance as you design, develop, deliver and market your virtual solutions.  Limited to 12 people per session for quality focus and attention on your unique programs, reserve your spot today!  

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Do already have an established academy? Or, online/virtual programs you're looking to host? For example, have you designed uplifting, transformational courses in some other rapid authoring tool like Articulate Rise, but you're looking for a cost-effective way to launch them? Let's broaden our global impact. Partner with us!  
Thank you!  Please look for an email from me, Margaret Kelsey, Founder & Managing Director, to schedule a time to review your interests. 


Just prior to the Pandemic we moved into a beautiful new space in Yarmouth Maine. The Currency Institute was soon to be the new home of currency CAMP. A space to learn how to have a healthier relationship with money and be a force for creating a wealthier world.

Boom!! Out of nowhere. No more meetings in person. No more lecture series. No more group financial teaching and coaching. We reached out to Margaret and told her about our vision and the program we still wanted to create. She helped us create our virtual training program.

Now we are no longer constrained by the four walls of the institute. As the pandemic recedes and we go back to our original plan we have this incredible resource that can reach the world while still serving more intimately the needs of our home here in Maine.

Couldn’t be happier with how easy she is to work with. We are enjoying the quality of her work and Passionate about helping people use the tools she created to help people Find Your Financial Nature™ and Evolve with your money. Thank you Margaret.
Tom Shepard, CFP, CEO/Founder

Plus these very much appreciated TESTIMONIALS... 

"People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel."  Maya Angelou

Margaret Kelsey's deep knowledge, insights, and tutoring over the past couple of years have been instrumental in helping us to develop a highly professional virtual learning system at the Barrett Academy..
- Richard Barrett
President of the Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values 
As a curriculum designer and facilitator of transformation, I felt blessed and privileged to collaborate with Margaret who is a master in blended-learning. She is the very best instrumental coach for others in this area. In a post COVID world, I believe more than ever, we need more transformational facilitators who know how to use technology well to reach audiences. This is the space and place where Margaret is the best thinkable leader to support our collective transformation with blended learning and digital facilitation.
- Patrik Somers
Systemic Facilitator of Transformation at Evolution Inside Out
You would be an extremely fortunate person if you have the opportunity to work with Margaret. We worked together during the People to People Ambassador Program, Technical Writing Delegation to China. Margaret has such a tremendous insight to working with others, what works well and what doesn't, what types of learning styles are appropriate for a given situation, and so much more. You'll enjoy working with Margaret, more than just for a project, but for the experience of sharing professional integrity and energy.
— Ann-Marie Grission
Fellow Delegate People-to-People Ambassadors Program to China
I just attended Margaret’s workshop on Breaking Out of the Box: Living Authentically & Purposefully. In just one hour, she was able to give participants a concise and engaging experience, where people got to meet each other, gain clarity on their sense of purpose, dig into their own values and loves, understand how they fit into a larger picture of self-actualization, and walk away with a real “ah-ha”. This was great. I highly recommend her as a leadership coach and facilitator.
- Liz Trice
Partner, Maine Cooperative Development Partners
Margaret has done a spectacular job of researching and creating a web-based training for Maine DHHS. I had the privilege of voicing the material she wrote and I was impressed by the depth and detail of her approach. I would highly recommend Margaret for the development of any number of web based trainings. AND she's a true pleasure to work with!
- Kym Dakin
Voice into Learning, LLC 
I engaged Margaret in a long term assignment to evaluate a complex learning program and provide a recommendation to enable a sustainable blended learning experience for my organization. Margaret brought many competencies and attributes to this project including her systems thinking, creativity and an ability to tap into people's strength. She was a strategic partner bringing a deep expertise in corporate learning. Margaret brought her knowledge of learning, strong analytical skills and keen insights on the essential elements of a learning culture to this work. Her support and solutions will reap benefits for years to come.
- Deb Chaloux
AVP Learning and Performance Development at Unum 
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